Guardians of Grandfather Tree


Upon returning to Bittersweet, the party hears news that Joseph Ford has departed for Damara with a small contingent who wished to return to their homes across the Bloodstone Pass. Ford’s intentions were not explicitly revealed, but it is assumed that he has gone to tell his “father” of the success of Bittersweet as the first Damaran colony in Vaasa and claim his reward of a minor noble title.

Shortly thereafter, Lemuel the half-orc rode into town and told the party of the plans to clean out Castle Palischuk. The party agrees that ridding the land of the undead scourge is the most important of the two options as it will not only secure the budding alliance with Palischuk, but also provide some small security for Bittersweet as well.

The party embarks to Palischuk to meet up with the assault contingent of half-orcs, but are harried a bit on their way to Palischuk by a wight, then some local barbarians, then a winter wolf with two worgs. Ultimately, however, they make it to town relatively unscathed.

Once they join with the contingent, the small force sets out for Palischuk. The trip to the castle is unhindered and upon reaching the castle the party sees that there is a problem. The castle is surrounded by a deep gorge and it is only bridged by the castle gate’s drawbridge, which is currently withdrawn. The half-orcs charge toward the gate, regardless, and upon reaching the lip of the gorge, two of them pull out extending rods that fly up toward the castle walls. Two half-orcs ascend the rods and begin throwing acid flasks at the chains. The party attempts to keep the skeleton archers from impeding their progress too much and soon the drawbridge falls.

Once inside, the party is ushered into the foyer of the castle proper while the half-orc forces battle the undead outside. The party is reserved about the furnishings and so proceeds cautiously and conservatively through to the next area, the open-air courtyard of the castle-proper. There they battle with some skeletons and zombies, and take their first steps into the dangerous fortress that is Castle Perilous.



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