Guardians of Grandfather Tree

Lost Ambitions

Having solved the mystery of the dead nobleman, we find our intrepid heroes preparing to head north to the Damaran Gate. The halfling twins, Flotsam and Jetsam, have been driven off being suspected of poisoning Joseph Ford; and the party is finishing up final preparations. Soon, they depart from the town of Valls and begin the three day journey north.

Along the way, the party has a few encounters. On the third and final day, a small flock of carrion birds were seen circling in the distance, about 1/3 of a mile south of their destination. Vossak and Brodi rode to investigate and discovered a wagon being raided by a small band of orcs with their large wolf mounts. Brodi sent his bee to fetch the others and they both stayed and scouted the enemy. By the time the others arrived, they had discovered that there were a total of seven orcs with four large wolf mounts. Setting up a quick plan of action and utilizing some useful grenade-like weapons designed to attack the olfactory senses of the wolves, the party dispatched the orcs and even managed to keep and befriend one of the wolf mounts.

Upon arriving at the Damaran Gate, the party is questioned by the guards about their motives beyond the gate. After satisfying the guards curiosity, the party is allowed to enter. Once inside Bloodstone Pass, the party heads for Bloodstone Village to resupply for the long trip across the wild and dangerous lands of Vaasa.

In Bloodstone Village, the party is welcomed by the local Baron, Margran Tranth. He invites the party, as well as Talsly Devlin and Joseph Ford, to dine with him in his mansion on the hill. When the time for dinner comes, everyone is there except for Talsly. Over dinner, Margran inquires about the purpose of the party’s expedition into Vaasa. He soon reveals that he has a request. Margran has four sons and is eager to see one of them off to make a name for himself and to see the world. Margran beseeches the party to take his eldest son, Polock, with them into the lands of Vaasa. The dinner takes a turn for the worse when Garret pushes to open discussion about compensation. Baron Tranth is offended and quickly dismisses the party. Vossak attempts to apologize for the rudeness of his friend and states that he will attempt to set up a meeting between Tranth and Devlin.

Vossack and Amp proceed to Talsly’s wagon (where he was last seen) in order to facilitate the meeting of the two nobles. After questioning the Devlin house guards, the party finds that he was last seen traveling to Lake Midai with only one guard.

Following the lead, the party heads up the bank of the lake in search of the missing noble. Finding no tracks of any kind, the party decides to turn back; however, in the distance they spot a small lake house. Night turns to early morning and the party turns back to town to get some rest. They decide to investigate the lake house in the morning.



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