Guardians of Grandfather Tree

New Friends, New Enemies

Realizing that the meager remains of their new town needed better defenses, the party made an excursion to Darmshall to recruit a larger and more diverse poulation of hopefully more able-bodied men to both fill out the demographics of the town and to boldter its defenses in the case of another raid. Garret and Vossak chose to stay behind and protect the town in the meantime.

Along the way to Darmshall, the party met a wolf-riding goblin named placeholder who chose to follow along in the interest of survival. The party accepted him because they needed all the help they could get and also couldn’t percieve any unsavory characteristics in him other than his goblinoid heritage.

Arriving in Darmshall after five days of travel, the party first made some very profitable market ventures and acquired, among other things: ten wagons, magical supplies for crafting potions and scrolls, three lots worth of books to fill the newly founded library as well as the temple, 50 rabbits to serve as livestock, a rather large amount of iron, and general supplies to secure the town’s sustainability. Afterwards, they made their way to the speaking area to recruit people for citizenship. They managed to acquire a fair amount of bodies to their cause, which also diversified the population enough to ensure the propagation of almost all of the races involved. Upon succeeding in their goal, the party set back out for Bittersweet with all ten wagons in tow, carrying the fruits of their ventures.

As the party arrived back in Bittersweet, they began unloading their products and setting the rest of the town up for expansion. Shortly afterwards, a half-orc man rode into town exhausted and weathered. He was brought to the temple and nursed back to health. When he was conscious and spry he recounted that he was originally from the half-orc founded town of Palischuk and had been riding for days with little to no rest. His town had been under siege by unrelenting legions of undead from which the source was unknown. As his town’s defenses began to falter, he was assigned the task of petitioning nearby settlements for military aid. He had been unceremoniously turned away by Darmshall, being the extremely xenophobic and isolationist townt that it is, and also refused entry into the Bloodstone Pass via the Vaasan Gate. He pleaded that the town of Bittersweet, albeit a small and relatively new town, was his last hope.

The party decided that it would pursue this for multiple reasons. Boford petitioned that it was their moral obligation to assist these besieged half-orcs because it was the right thing to do. The other members of the party reasoned that this could potentially lead to a powerful ally in the town of Palischuk. It was agreed upon and the party set out immediately, again leaving the care of the town and the training of the new recruits to the capable hands of Vossak and Garret.

When the party arrived in Palischuk, they observed that the former stone walls of the town had been damaged so badly that they did not serve the town in any practical fashion anymore. Instead, temporary pallisades were in the process of being erected. Night was almost upon them and they were advised by their new half-orc friend, Brob, to prepare for battle.



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