Guardians of Grandfather Tree

Setting Up Shop

Having finally made it to the location of their new town, the party decides that the first step is to find a defensible location and set up a perimeter. They find a spot near the river, up on a hill, and begin making preparations for construction. On their first visit to the river, they run into a few ogres. After dispatching the ogres, they discover that the ogres had a mysterious eyeball in a bag. The party was disturbed by this and made a little wooden boat to float it down the river. About two months after the beginning of construction, a heavily armed group of ogres approached the budding town. The party head them off and dispatched them with ease thanks to the marvelous rod of the python. After finishing them off, the party found a small silver pearl tied around one ogres neck. They suspected another eyeball and cast detect magic on it, discovering that it was indeed enchanted with divination magics. The party went down to the river to repeat the process that worked so well last time, and was greeted by three women who floated up out of the river. The middle one walked up to the bank and requested her “eye” back. Brodi handed it back and as she was placing it back in its socket, Vossak fired an arrow at her. This began a very dangerous encounter as the three revealed themselves to be a coven of hags. As the party began to retreat, the hags used their powerful coven magic to trap them in a forcecage. Left with little options available to them, the party agreed to provide the coven with children. As the hags approached the forcecage the magic holding it together faded and the party took this opportunity to fight their way to freedom. Utilizing the powerful rod again, they managed to defeat the coven and secure the safety of their new town.

Upon completion of the initial construction project including the smithy, the barracks, and the inn, the party decided to travel west and clear out the nearby mine. The mine seemed rather empty except for a strange moss that covered the ground and walls. As the party ventured deeper into the mine, the moss became quite thick and they had to wade through large patches of it, which was a little disturbing because it caused an unusual feeling akin to trying to recall a far away memory. Eventually they came to a large open cavern. Cautiously entering the cavern, the party prepared for a hostile encounter. As they entered, the moss behind them grew up to the ceiling and blocked the exit. Large mounds of moss rose and took a vaguely humanoid form. The largest of the mounds began shooting streamers of moss at the party. As they were hit with the streamers, the smaller moss creatures began to take the form of the party member hit. The disturbing battle ended with the party victorious and they began searching the large moss piles for the remnants of victims of the strange moss creatures. As they searched the moss patches, they began to lose parts of their memories. Vossak was the first to try to eat some of the moss. Although it was destructive on his digestive system, he was instantly granted huge chunks of a victim’s memories. This began a trend for the party as they wished to learn as much as they could from the strange moss. After spending many days in the moss-covered cavern, the party gained vast knowledge about the innards of the mine. They discovered that hidden deep within the mine was a treasure vault that the previous adventurers failed to loot. Having gained the knowledge of how to traverse the winding tunnels, how to avoid the perilous traps and wards, and how to open the vault door, the party made their way into a throne room containing a creature made of pure ice. The creature believed itself to be Iraclea (the ice queen of the great glacier) and was quite offended at Ampere’s mockery of her. She summoned three large air elementals to destroy the party, but the party was victorious. As they defeated her minions, she allowed them to leave “with their lives.” However, just before leaving, Ampere shouted, “You’re a fake!” This angered her and the passageway closed before he could escape. The party re-opened the door to the throne room and saw that Amp had become the newest addition to the frozen decorations adorning the room. Amp’s adventuring had come to an end…..for now.



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