Guardians of Grandfather Tree

Short Goodbyes and Long Winters

It is decided that Alboford and Vossak will stay behind and represent the caravan authority while Brodi, Ampere, Garret, and Joseph return to the lake house and investigate the whereabouts of Talsly.

The party arrives at the lake house and is preemptively cautious and sneaky. They infiltrate the house, blast open the door to the cellar, knock the old man who lives there unconscious, and take his weapons. From there, they find that one portion of the cellar walls is freshly established and built upon a soft, earth foundation. They tunnel under the wall and discover the holding area in which a naked and unconscious Talsly lies. They wrap him in a cloak and prepare to leave, but are encountered by hostile humanoid fish-like creatures.

After dispatching the creatures, the party is communicated with mentally by a creature who calls himself Zlorthizan. This creature seems impressed by the party’s victory over the fish-like creatures and implores them to proceed further into the cave so that they might speak in person. When the party refuses his offer and proceeds into the cellar proper, Zlorthizan’s image appears before them and commands them to return to the cave. He appears to be a floating, tentacled, fish-like creature with a row of three eyes on the top of his head. Brodi, carrying an unconscious Talsly, muscles his way past the image in a quite impressive display of force. Joseph and Ampere follow close behind with Garret in tow, who seems to be entirely captivated by the fish-monster’s presence.

Upon returning to the caravan, the party wakes Talsly up and discovers that he remembers nothing. His story is that he felt burdened with responsibility and wanted to run away from the expedition, but that he blacked out a ways down the lakeside. The female guard that was with him was never recovered. The party decides to rest up and resupply while in town, but their hopes of relaxation are dashed when they are approached by Tranth house guards who demand that they come with them because the Baron requires their presence. Suspecting no foul-play, the party is ready to acquiesce to their demands when Joseph expresses that he doesn’t trust them. Drawing his weapons, he refuses to comply and the party is quick to back him up. Slaying the house guards, the party quickly begins making preparations for their departure from Bloodstone village. Using the powerful chameleon ring once more, Brodi disguises himself to look like a number of people, including the Baron himself, and recovers the wolf being kept in the stable at Tranth manor.

Departing from the village, the party whips up a quick plan to disguise themselves as Tranth house soldiers escorting civilians into Vaasa; however, their plan proves unnecessary when they arrive at the Vaasan Gate because the soldiers there are much less inquisitive of the party’s intentions.

Finally arriving in the untamed lands of Vaasa, after a short trek through the valley leading up to the Vaasan gate, the party takes a moment to contemplate the maps at their disposal in order to decide on a proper location to establish their new town. Ultimately they decide on an area in the far West of Vaasa, in between the river Pelauvir and the forgotten dwarven mine called Delhalls, reasoning that not only will it provide a suitable source of water and work for the farmers and miners, but it will also be far enough away from the path to the Vaasan gate that it will encounter less hostile traffic.

Having decided upon their destination, the caravan sets out on the long, 10-day journey across the dangerous lands of Vaasa. Encountering many strange, terrifying, and exciting creatures (including arctic dwarves, ghouls, wights, polar bears, packs of wolves, white dragons, wild horses, and the dreaded rhemorhaz), the party completes the journey in one piece. Arriving at the location for their new town, the party takes a well-deserved moment to rest and revel in their successful trek.



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