Guardians of Grandfather Tree

Unfriendly Neighbors

Upon exiting the cave, Boford arrived and had ill news for the party. As they had spent the last week in the cave, the newly formed town of Sweetwater had been plagued with raiders who were much too dangerous for the regular town militia to handle. The party arrived back in town only to find that a staggering number of the people had been killed and the church had been razed to the ground. The strange raiders were described as orcs with beady, black eyes led by a troll.

The party decided that they should track the raiders down and attempt a rescue mission for Joseph Ford and the others. They tracked the orcs back to the mountains and eventually encountered a small skirmish party of them. Having encountered them, they witnessed the rapid healing factors they possessed and determined them to be some horrendous orc-troll half-breeds. They discovered the cave that the greenbloods inhabited and sneaked in as best they could. They slew a few and found many of the townsfolk, including Joseph Ford (who had been brutally tortured and mutilated). As they were hurrying the townsfolk out of the cave, the greenbloods were alerted and began to storm out of the back of the cave in droves. The party held them off for a long while until their leader, a rather intimidating troll, made his appearance. The party was holding him off at the entrance of the cave, but circumstances looked quite grim. Just as all hope seemed lost, Boford, in a last-ditch suicide attempt to save the rest of the party, flung himself on the back of the troll chieftain and shouted, “Run and save yourselves!” as he forced a flask of acid down the troll’s throat. In a very dramatic fall, the troll grasped at his throat as the acid seeped through his neck and decapitated him. The gnome, left standing on the dead body of the troll chieftain, gave a last hurrah at the rather large gang of greenblood orcs and then fled as fast as his little feet would take him away from the dark cave of horror and incest.

Arriving back at town as heroes, the party began the long and cathartic task of rebuilding the town. With what little survivors there were left, the dynamics of the family would have to change a bit. Each woman would have to take at least three men into her bed to conceive children so as to diversify the gene pools of the town. Over the course of a year, the meager population of the town increased by 50% and included in this progeny were some children of Vossak and Garret. As the town slowly began to build back up to its former size, something dark was on the horizon for this unfortunate town nestled in the unflinching wilds of Vaasa.



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