Socially Oblivious, Energetic Halfling


Chaotic-Neutral Strongheart Halfling Wizard 3 Master Specialist 1 of Luiren
HP – 14
AC – 15
BAB – +1

Str – 10
Dex – 16
Con – 16
Int – 19
Wis – 10
Cha – 11

Fort – +3
Refl – +3
Will – +3

Feats/Special Abilities –
School Specialization (Evocation)
Focused Specialist
Energy Substitution (electricity)
Spell Focus (evocation)
School Mastery (evocation)

Skills -
Knowledge (Arcana) +9
Knowledge (History) +6
Knowledge (Nature) +6
Knowledge (The Planes) +9
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6
Spellcraft +9
Decipher Script +2
Concentration +8
Climb +2
Jump +2
Move Silently +2
Listen +2


Born in Luiren, Amp was taken and raised under the protection of his grandfather when Thayan wizards came after his family for reasons unknown to him. Trained in the arcane arts, Amp grew up hidden away in his grandfather’s magically obscured tower on Thayan Lands. His grandfather taught him as much as he would learned, but honed in on his interests when it became clear that he had a particular fondness towards evocation. One day, the Thayans finally caught up to his grandfather and stormed the tower. His grandfather’s last act before being kidnapped (and presumably killed) by the Thayans was to teleport him miles away, to safety.

Amp discovered the secret that led the Thayans to pursue his grandfather so ardently when he and his companions were ingesting some moss that had the ability to bestow forgotten and latent memories. He found out that his grandfather had detailed the process that the Red Wizards go through to enhance their specializations, thereby allowing him to duplicate the process without committing himself to the service of Thay.

Amp’s adventuring came to an abrupt halt one day when he offended an iceborn simulacrum of Iraclea one too many times. The powerful creature froze him in a block of ice which now stands in the throne room deep within the bowels of Delhalls.


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