Brodi Hammertoe

Socially Uncomfortable Dwarven Beekeeper and Mead-Maker


Neutral-Good Dwarven Druid 4 of The Dalelands
HP – 15
AC – 15
BAB – +1

Str – 11
Dex – 10
Con – 11
Int – 12
Wis – 17
Cha – 6

Fort – +3
Refl – 0
Will – +6

Feats/Special Abilities -
Darkvision 20ft
Stonecunning (2 on Stonework)
Stable (
4 bonus against Bull-Rush, Trip)
2 fort vs Poison
+2 ST vs spells and spell-like abilities
+1 to hit vs. orcs and goblinoids
+4 dodge bonus vs Giants
+2 racial bonus on appraise on metal/stone
+2 racial bonus on Craft (stone/metal)
Animal Companion (Giant Fucking Bee!!!!)
Nature Sense (
2 Knowledge (Nature and Survival)
Wild Empathy
Woodland Stride

Skills –
Craft (Mead) +3
Handle Animal +3
Heal +7
Knowledge (Nature) +5
Listen +6
Spellcraft +4
Spot +5
Survival +9


Born in a little known dwarven community that fell apart due to the Blessing of Thunder population explosion when he was 3 years of age. His family moved to the Dalelands and, after having 17 more children, pushed him out on his own at the age of 5. He was taken in by an uncle who belonged to a nearby druidic circle. He spent the next 40 years learning how to live in harmony with the land (as well as how to make some bitchin’ mead) and developed a fondness for beekeeping. The bee community appealed to his dwarven idea that everyone should have a purpose and function in society. At age 45, he departed from his circle with a new bee queen to help her set up a new hive. He traveled for 24 years, meeting new people and seeing new places, but never being satisfied with a secure site to set up the hive. He currently is on an expedition to the wild lands of Vaasa, where he hopes to seek out a suitable location for the hive.


Brodi Hammertoe

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