Human Cleric of Hoar


Growing up in Darmshall, a fairly xenophobic fortress of a town in Vaasa, he was raised by his mentor in the faith of Hoar. She taught him the importance of vengeance and justice, instilling in him the need to enact punishment on those who have wronged him or those he loves. Gommorium was always more focused on spreading the word of his God than his mentor was, and she eventually left him to pursue her faith with a more “hands-on” approach. With the separation of his mentor, Gommorium decided to venture out of Darmshall and spread the teachings of Hoar. He made his way to Castle Perilous, where he aided in the removal of the vampire lord known as the Black Duke. He then continued with the party back to Bittersweet where he founded his own church to Hoar beside the temple of Ilmater.



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