Joseph Ford

Bastard Son of Duke Helmont


Joseph Ford is a young man of 16 who has been raised as the son of the Duke of Carmathan. Unbeknownst to him, Joseph is actually the son of a barbarian tribal leader in Narfell. He was given to Duke Helmont at a very young age by his mother. Duke Helmont promised that he would protect Joseph and so has never revealed his identity to anyone, even Joseph himself. As such, Joseph is believed to be the result of a romantic trist of Duke Helmont’s while away in Narfell. Therefore, he has often been seen at best as a waste, at worst a mistake. Recently, he has been sent on an expedition to the wild lands of Vaasa in order to assist in the founding of a Damaran town. This could result in the bestowing of a minor noble title, which would validate his heritage and finally allow him to truly be a part of the Helmont family.

In an unfortunate event, Joseph was captured and mutilated by a tribe of Troll-Blooded Orcs. He is now a quadriplegic man who spends the majority of his time in the town’s library, where he has his attendant read to him much information about the arcane arts.

Joseph Ford

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