Eaerlaan, the predominant elven kingdom of the High Forest, endured for nearly six thousand years. The wood elves and moon elves who made up its populance dwelled in woodland cities and towns of fabulous beauty throughout the northern and eastern portions of the High Forest.

While Eaerlann was still a young realm, its leaders noted Siluvanede’s gradual slide towards evil and decided to take decisive action to prevent tehe Siluvanedenn from repeated the errors of their arrogant ancestors in Aryvandaar. With Sharrven as an ally, the Eaerlanni forcibly subdued the realm of Siluvanede, ushering in a five-thousand-year period of peace and prosperity.

In the waning years of Eaerlann, its population began to dwindle as its residents left for Evermeet or joined the newer realms appearing along the Sword Coast. Thus weakened, Eaerlann was uanble to mount any effective defense against the demons of Hellgate Keep that emerged from Ascalhorn in 882 DR, and the realm quickly fell before their onslaught.

Most travelers seeking the known Eaerlanni ruins go by way of the Old Road, an ancient bouevard of cracked and broken cobblestones that connects Elven Port, Mhilamniir, and the Nameless Dungeon. West of Mhilamniir, forest undergrowth has largely swallowed up the Old Road, though the portions that occasionally peek through the roots and shrubs can guide travelers to other sites along its path.

Many Eaerlanni cities consisted of hallowed-out trees and platforms connected by dozens of slender rope bridges. Each major settlement held at least one tree-temple dedicated to the elven gods. Most of these cities have long since succumbed to the forces of time and nature, but a few traces of some still remain.


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