Life and Society

The nonhumans, druids, rangers and adventurers of the High Forest live in a self-contained and self-sufficient world. Merchant Caravans from Waterdeep or the Moonsea travel to Loudwater or Secomber or Everlund, human cities on the edge of the great wood, but the forest itself needs nothing that the outside world has to offer.

The denizens of the High Forest live by hunting. Some cultivate herbs, mushrooms, and other plants that can be grown under the trees or in natural clearings. The various races hunt different animals and harvest different plants – slow nomadic shuffling of the various clans and tribes keeps the forest’s resources from being exhausted in the same manner that crop rotation keeps farmers’ lands healthy.

Many races and factions of opposed alignment and interests occupy the forest. Small-scale skirmishes between them are frequent. Large-scale conflicts only occur when one side or the other cares enough to track its enemy through difficult terrain and expend valuable magic and lives pursuing battle. The different races have zones of influence within the forest, but few attempt to exert complete control over a given territory for long.

At the moment, the most combative groups active in the forest are the wood elves who seek to exterminate the orcs who flow in steadily from the Spine of the World and know no other way than violence, the treants who dominate the north tip of the forest, and the tieflings and half-fiend elves of House Dlardrageth who still lair in underground ruins near the Nether Mountains.

Life and Society

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