Regional History

Long ago, whe nthe elves truly ruled Faerun, the kingdom of Eaerlann held sway in the High Forest. Eaerlaan fell in 882 DR when Ascalhorn became Hellgate Keep. Soon after the elves began to slip away from the High Forest, embarking on their Retreat.

As the elves slowly vanished, the great treant Turlang carefully gathered his strength and took control of much of the northern High Forest, the area most threatened both by orcs and by the demons and devils that once resided in Hellgate Keep. Turlang’s treants have gradually pushed the boundaries of the wood, moving the tall trees up the side of the Hellgate crater, miles past the former boundaries of the High Forest proper. Simultaneously, the High Forest near Everlund has crept several miles to the north, coming within a hero’s bowshot of the walls of Everlund.

In recent years, many woodelves who moved to Evermeet in the Retreat returned to Faerun through portals into Evereska, then slipped northwest to join the wild elves of the High Forest. They seek nothing less than the reestablishment of the kingdom of Eaerlann. Thus far, the efforts to retake their forest consists of a determination to handle problems with elven skills and elven magic, and to drive the orcs and gnolls from the woods.

Other elves within the great forest have actively evil intent. In ancient Eaerlann, the sun elf mages of House Dlardrageth made pacts with demons. For their crimes they were imprisoned deep beneath what would later become Hellgate Keep. The destruction of the Keep freed them. While seeking to piece together their former magical arsenal, they rescued other sun elf tieflings who had been imprisoned for centuries by the moon elves. The various demon-spawned sun elves have joined forces under the orders of Countess Sarya Dlardrageth. They may never become organized enough to pose a serious threat to the settlements of the North, but anyone who discoveres their lairs in buried elven ruins outside the High Forest finds them dangerous foes indeed.

Regional History

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